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Dakar trusts Kuba for ticketing on Africa’s first 100% electric BRT system

Kuba was selected by Dakar Mobilité to provide a ticketing system for Dakar’s brand new bus rapid transit (BRT) system. The all-electric BRT service is a showcase of sustainable mobility in Senegal’s capital, which is undergoing digital transformation.

Mobility payments specialist, Kuba, today announces the successful installation of ticketing infrastructure for Dakar’s new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. The BRT network was launched earlier this month to improve accessibility between Guédiawaye and the city center. 

Focus on safety, convenience and inclusion

Building a transit system from the ground-up, in partnership with its granting authority “Conseil Executif des Transports Urbains Durables” (CETUD), Dakar Mobilité had a clear vision. It saw that modern infrastructure, eco-friendly equipment and advanced technology were essential components of a safe, convenient, inclusive public transport system. 

By focusing on these principles, it aims to create a world-class, sustainable service in Senegal’s capital, motivating transit ridership and tackling Dakar’s long-term issues of road congestion and pollution.

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