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Adopting contactless payments in US public transit: overcoming the challenges

Contactless payments are transforming public transit in the US one tap at a time, but before agencies and operators can reap the rewards, they must navigate the adoption process. 

The technology that enables contactless open-loop payments is not only for in-store experiences. It’s also being harnessed to create friction-free travel by simplifying and expediting public transit payments. The hassle of negotiating a local transit ticketing system and handling cash is no longer acceptable as tapping to pay becomes a prerequisite for the modern passenger. 

By empowering riders to tap into transit systems with the contactless-enabled bank cards or devices they carry in their pocket, which become their ticket, both transit authorities and their customers benefit from improved efficiency. Passengers receive the frictionless payment experience they crave. While agencies and operators free themselves from the operational costs of managing a legacy system, such as cash handling and maintenance.

It’s not always as simple as investing in this contactless technology, plugging it in and reaping the rewards. Too often this digital transformation is overcomplicated by adopting an expensive and inefficient build-from-scratch approach, presenting transit authorities with challenging obstacles.

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