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ICM Mobility Group enables public and private transport to move into the digital era. From planning journeys & issuing smart tickets, to streamlining electronic payments and providing insights from our vast travel data sources.

Our Services

Our Portfolio

ICM Limited ("ICM") has been investing in mobility solutions for public and private transport for over 20 years. Our companies have solutions deployed in over 100 cities making more efficient journeys and payments for everyone.

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Vix Technology delivers an innovative, multi-modal, multi-operator automated fare collection platform that unifies account-based, closed loop and open payments into a single solution that is easy to deploy, operate and manage.

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Kuba's dynamic approach provides transport operators with a lean, flexible and easily deployable ticketing service that can be tweaked to any transport system.

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Snapper is a dynamic team of experienced transport technology developers, who understand the end-to-end requirements of operating a smart ticketing system

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Littlepay handles the complexities of contactless EMV payments so you don't have to.

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