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ICM launches ICM Mobility Group

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

ICM announces the official launch of the ICM Mobility Group, a focused global group bringing together businesses from across ICM that are enabling the digital transformation of people transportation.

Initial investments are in 4 businesses engaging 800 highly talented people, operating in 20 countries around the world. The investee companies retain their existing brands, continue to service customers in their specific markets, and are empowered to share industry experience, customer knowledge and market understanding to drive innovation and new services.

Businesses in the ICM Mobility Group portfolio include Vix Technology, Kuba, Littlepay and Snapper Services.

“ICM Mobility Group’s deep domain experience, global reference list, and focus on the digital transformation of People Transportation make it the perfect partner for technology companies that share our passion for this vision,” said Steve Gallagher, Chairman ICM Mobility Group Ltd. “We are investing heavily in both organic growth opportunities and complementary acquisitions that enhance our capabilities to serve existing and future customers.”

ICM’s knowledge in people transportation business began over 15 years ago with investment in ERG, a leading global provider of Automated Fare Collection systems and has grown steadily since.

Duncan Saville, founder of ICM commented: “ICM Mobility Group is the natural evolution of our investments in people transportation business. We will continue to extend our investment in supporting Transport Operators and Government Agencies to move people efficiently throughout cities and regions as part of their daily lives, using smart digital tools and insight from rich data analytics ”

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